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SABFOIL Moses HydroFoil Kit 91 - 590 - Kite freeride The IKA Arrows Youth Foil Class for 11 to 16 year-old boys and girls


T65 RAIL CARBON BOARD YOUTH FOIL SABFOIL Moses HydroFoil T65 board 144 x 47 x 6 cm IKA FREE RIDE BOARD T65 Information
_SABFOIL aka Moses UNIVERSAL FOILCOVER FOR HYDROFOIL Cover stabilizer 325/330 MA038 Cover stabilizer 325/330rearwing or stabilizer 325 mm to 330 mm COVER STABILIZER 325/330Information
_SABFOIL aka Moses Cover for Cover Front Wing 550/558/590 also for many other hydrofoilsInformation




Dear Customer,

I am proud to announce you that SAB will provide the equipment for the new IKA one-design youth kitefoil racing class designed to inspire a new generation of young athletes to join the sport on the pathway to Olympic glory.

The competition to provide the foil and board for the new class was a tighter affair, with Moses, Taaroa, Cabrinha, Levitaz and F-One among those vying for the prize. In the end, Moses with our international reach won out with the carbon fibre K91-590 foil and carbon T65 board that boasted perfect mix of performance and accessibility for novice athletes.

The IKA Arrows Youth Foil Class for 11 to 16 year-old boys and girls (U17 age category) will provide a safe, stable and highly competitive one-design racing platform for young kiters who will go on to become  Formula Kite racers battling on registered series production foil kites and hydrofoils that will be used at kiteboarding’s debut at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games track in Marseille.

In doing so, the IKA anticipates to mirror the phenomenal success of windsurfing’s low cost and accessible youth Techno 293 “feeder” class that unlocked young athletes’ competitive drive.

The new Arrows Youth Foil Class offers an affordable way into racing for families, sailing and kiting clubs, and World Sailing Member National Authorities (MNAs).

The first events for the new Arrows Youth Foil class are planned for summer 2021, held together with the Formula Kite U19 Championships in order to bring all young kitefoilers together for competition in a foil festival atmosphere.



Fluente 91 EASY A super accessible freeride foil, plenty of lift for early take off, progressive and performing it will allow you to discover the magic of foiling.

Kit 91 - 590 - Kite freeride


Base plate joint 90x165mm Mast height: 910mm Pack content: - 1x MM091-18 - Mast Fluente - 1x MFK-18 - Fuselage - 1x MW590-18 - Competition Front Wing 590mm - 1x MS330-18 - Stabilizzer 330mm - 4x Bushing M6x10mm - 2x Socket head cap Screw M6x25mm - 3x Flat Head Screw M6x20mm - 2x Flat Head Screw M6x16mm




Span 590mm
Root Chord 132mm
Aspect Ratio 5,2
Surface 633cm2


Span 330mm
Root Chord 80mm
Aspect Ratio 4,3
Surface 217cm2


The K91590Y is fast and stable, inspires confidence, accelerate in a very smooth way, it's quick to plane and tracks naturally.

The W590 wing, with its 650 cm2 front wing surface area permits a low lift speed, while the moderate reverse design will keep the stability you need at high speed. A foil very easy to ride, with a good upwind angle and capable of 30+ knots.

The S330 stabilizer increases the pitch control and the lateral stability, which make this foil ideal also for beginners.

No surprise this combo W590/S330 is a best seller for all those riders who love an overall performing foil.


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