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Slingshot Fuel 2009 5 meter USED 8 times

€ 149,00 Brand: SlingshotSlingshot

_Slingshot KIM K pump 2,9 literInformation

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Size: 5 m²

This kite has been used 8 times.

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RIDER PROFILE: Freestyle Aggressive Expert Advanced skill level looking for a kite that boosts, loops and recovers Uses board to depower Focused on overdriven conditions Looking for maximum response with last amount of bar input The Slingshot Fuel is for the expert rider who demands a powerful, stable and relentless kite that will boost, loop and recover in the most demanding freestyle conditions. BENEFITS: Ruben Lenten tested and approved = Expert project co-design and development Progressive c shape canopy = Consistent grunt and power through the power stroke Onepump* = Original Slingshot patented single point in?ation system Surf Tough Seams = Minimizes and contains canopy tears Custom Fuel Injection = Two separate and unique attachment settings for wake and freestyle Ballistic Aramid scuff guards on every segment seam = Prevents overall wear and tear Mark cloth reinforced trailing edge = Increases durability Scalloped Trailing Edge = Reduces flutter Ergonomic nipple placement = Less overall drag Reinforced Struts = Adds strengths and overall durability Slingshot legendary construction = Bomber quality Lifetime Rider Hotline Membership = Unsurpassed customer service

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