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DUOTONE PACE Bamboo TEC kitefoil board 24.9 liter 137 x 46 cm

intermediate kite foil board
Sabfoil Medusa 699-375/93 | Hydrofoil Set
SABFOIL HydroFoil wing USED W633 1250 cm2 FREE SHIPPING in Europe W633 - FRONT WING T633 - 1250 CM2 3 x M6 bolds
UNDERWAVE VORTEX SINGLE BOARD BAG 155 cm A Fone 5.1 foilboard will fit !!
North SONAR M75 W1150 foilset complete with travelbag Used in good condition
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4 feet 6 inches = 1.37 meters
18 inch = 45,72 cm
2 3/8 inches = 6.03 cm
 light damage see last picture

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