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Moses HydroFoil T60 SPORT board 144 x 47 x 6 cm FREE RIDE RACE BOARD T60 - Board Only used

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Brand: Moses HydroFoilMoses HydroFoil

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Complete with 3 footstraps (2 moses 1 Fone) and 4 Torx bolds to mount the hydrofoil


This T60 Sport has a deckpad

The topdeck is reinforced with an extra layer of carbon

The footstrap position is especially suited for the Comet 111cm hydrofoil and ONDA

The mast position is also slightly different then the regular T60 boards 5 cm more to the back and there are 5 strap positions




T60 Carbon

The T60 board was developed with the aim to more buoyancy.. An improved buoyancy makes it easier to start and have better control at low speed. It is achieved with 60mm thickness and a larger width. Bigger dimensions lead to a better compromise between strength and weight. The right mix of carbon ber and PVC foam allows to have the requested strength and maintain light weight. Thickness is chosen to keep agility in free ride and wave use. 

The graphics makes, as with all of our products, a unique kite foiling experience.

Dimensions: 1440x470x60 mm

Stance: 520 - 670 mm

Weight: 3,2 kg (without footstraps)



- 1x board Free Ride T60 Carbon Fiber

- 3x Footstrap Moses

- 6x Self tapping screws M5x25mm

- 6x Washers Ø5,4xØ20x1

- 4x Flat Head Screw M6x80mm

- 4x Washer Ø6,4xØ18x1,6


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