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Moses HydroFoil ONDA 873 frontwing only SURF - SUP AKA TORTUGA or TURTLE

€ 383,00 Brand: Moses HydroFoilMoses HydroFoil

_Moses HydroFoil Silente (universal) Travelbag BRANDNEW perfect for even the biggest wing!Information

Check out the size difference between W633 and this 873 mm wing!


Be the first on the water with this beast!!!!  

"The 873 has tons of lift. Designed for endless glides, this wing will make you ride the open ocean swell with no need for a breaking wave. The high efficency and its large outline will permit you to surf a knee high wave or even pump in flat water.  Same DNA as the 633, its adopts inverted gull wing shape and concave bottom, The large wingtip will squeeze the water while pumping and it gives you that extra drive to generate speed through your carves”
Check this short video with Formula kite World Champion Nico Parlier pumping 
Naturally we will offer the 873 as a model on its own too, 
the TORTUGA- Retail euro 1540   
873 front wing, surf fuselage, 483 stabilizer and 71 cm mast.
Span 873 mm
Root chord 304mm
Surface 2100 cm2


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